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    Handmade necklaces and pendants made of natural wood


    About the product

    Wooden necklaces, pins and jewelry, mostly, of Israeli animals and local vegetation. Carved and sculpted with meticulous handwork and craftmanship. Each necklace or pin embodies the character of the animal or bird, by using the natural texture and color of the wood types from which they are made.

    The animals and plants are made for wearing as a necklace or as a shirt pin or as other types of jewelry.

    Pendants are sold with either a silver or a gold-filled necklace.

    Aside from the local animal line, I also make animals by order- custom made. Pendants of pets, or just an animal that you love and do not appear on the site.

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    The works are unique and made of different types of wood that come mainly from recycling and salvage wood. As a rule of thumb, the wood I use in my work is not painted. Most of the colors in the pendants and pins come from the natural wood color. In some works I use natural chemical process or burning to achieve bluish and greyish colors. These pigmants are rare in woods. To protect the wooden parts from the moisture and heat conditions, the wood is coated with a layer of lacquer or oil.

    Necklaces and pins


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